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  • Leah Schell

On Training with Daniel Bedoya

At Manor Equestrian Center, we have are very fortunate to have a world class trainer at the helm of our training program. Daniel has been a part of the Austin Equestrian community for over 20 years.

A big focus of our training program is accessibility and tailoring to the individual rider's needs. "Over the last twenty three years at Manor Equestrian Center, I have taught many riders of different backgrounds, levels and disciplines," Daniel says. "Some of them were very focused on learning as much as possible to become competitive enough to show at A rated shows, others were just interested in becoming better riders for a much simpler objective. However, I tried not to make any difference in attention, effort or dedication between the ones and the others; I always thought that competition at a high or intermediate level was just as important a goal to some as learning basic skills was to the others."

Daniel stresses the importance of giving the same attention to all riders. "The effort of paying for a lesson is, sometimes, bigger for the latter and therefore they deserve the same attention," he says. "I know that a great percentage of trainers will agree with me but, unfortunately, there are some that act in a different way. I hear this too often from riders that come from other programs and I think that this causes great damage to our sport. It's sad."

Give Daniel a call at 512.423.2994 to get your personally tailored training program.