One for the books! Success at GSWEC

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This past weekend, Manor Equestrian Center's own mother-daughter duo, Jackie & Madeleine Wilson, took on the competition at the GSWEC Fiesta Classic Schooling Show with confidence. Madeleine and her horse Mozart's Symphony started off strong with a 5th place in the $2500 1.25m Classic, even beating out several professional riders. She continued the weekend on top, adding two 1st places in the 1.20m Low Jr/AO Jumpers, ultimately earning Champion in the division!

Jackie and her horse, La Dolce Vida, made their 3' Amateur Hunter debut, riding beautifully into a 1st and 2nd place on their first day of the division. On the second day, Dolce pinned again in the top ribbons with two 3rds!

In addition to competing in the Amateur Hunter division classes, La Dolce Vida also had stellar rounds in her first National Hunter Derby with trainer Lacy Hudson. The duo placed 5th overall with first and second round scores of 75 and 80, respectively.

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