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  • Leah Schell

Show season is upon us!

We are so excited to be hosting this Saturday's March 2nd CTHJA Show! We know the next few days are going to be SUPER BUSY trying to avoid this situation:

So we reached out to Kara Schrader of Kara's Equine Spa Services to give us her best tips on how to ready for the big day. Kara has been doing such an amazing job with helping us care for our equine friends at MEC. Whether you need your horse groomed for a show, or they just need a little extra love, Kara has you covered! Reach out to her via Facebook for all your horse grooming needs.

Read her tips on horse grooming here:


For the best looking braids, it's best to have them done the night before or morning of your show! You can bathe and braid your horse the day prior to your show if they are stalled overnight. You can outfit them with a neck slinky to protect braids, and a stable sheet to keep their body clean. This way the day of your show all you have to do is lightly brush the dust off and spray with a coat conditioner for that extra shine!


A shiny coat starts with daily care! Curry your horse often to bring out the natural oils in your horse's coat. This will give the coat that nice shine everyone is after!


Sometimes our horses get dusty and no matter how much you brush it just seems to move the dust around? A wool mitt will pick it right up! You can pick up a wool car wash mitt and it will do the job. Just run the mitt over your horse, or use it to buff in a coat conditioner! SOME THOUGHTS ON CLIPPING If you opt to clip your horse for a show, be sure to thoroughly bathe them with soap and let them dry prior to clipping. A clean horse makes all the difference for the best clip! Coat conditioner only helps a little bit, it's that dirt buildup that kills your clippers. TOO COLD TO BATHE?

Then there is one product you MUST have: EspanaSilk Waterless Shampoo. The EspanaSilk Waterless Shampoo is a spray that with a little elbow grease gets your horse looking as if it was freshly bathed! Just spray, curry, then brush as normal.  EASY TAIL MAINTENANCE Tail maintenance can be a pain, make it easy for yourself! You can keep tails clean and tangle free for weeks by keeping them up in some sort of tail bag. I like to use the Tail Boot, it's an easy to use product that also provides an optional swisher so your horse can still swat flies. 

If you don't have any of those available, you can use vet wrap. Braid from below the tail bone and down, thread the tip of tail back through the top of the braid and wrap a time or two. Thread the vet wrap also through the top of the braid then wrap it thoroughly.

Try to avoid colored vet wrap, it can stain tails! Save yourself the trouble! Use my code 10offkaraschrader for 10% off your purchase from https://tailboot.com/ and get a tail boot! Bang your horses tail prior to shows to get a fuller look! Have someone put their arm under the dock of the tail so it lifts the tail similar to how your horse carries it when riding, and then cut straight across the bottom at the desired length. For the best cut, use clippers. DON'T SKIP THE HOOF POLISH!

It really finishes off a horse and makes them look put together. Use clear for light or mixed colored hooves, black for dark colored hooves. They can be drying though, so don't forget to remove and apply hoof conditioner afterwards!